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The 45th Annual SCI Convention is coming in February. This year's convention promises to be bigger and better than ever! SCI President Larry Higgins offers a personal invitation!

2016 Pennsylvania Bear Harvest Ranks Fifth All-Time

by Randy Gibbs | May 04, 2017
This is the golden age of bear hunting. Since the Pennsylvania Game Commission began keeping records of statewide bear harvests in 1915, there has never been a more prolific period for Commonwealth black bear hunters...
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My Greatest Challenge

by Randy Gibbs | May 03, 2017
The Tien Shan Mountains which separate Kyrgyzstan from China are known as the “Celestial Mountains” they are some of the most picturesque yet unforgiving and rugged...
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Ryan Breeding Makes Fourth World Heritage Rifle

by Randy Gibbs | May 02, 2017
Rifle Maker Ryan Breeding is building the fourth rifle in the five-rifle World Heritage Series. It will be sold at auction next year during the SCI Convention in Las Vegas...
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The Twice-Shot Buck

by Randy Gibbs | May 01, 2017
Have you ever had game in your sights, then having pulled the trigger, would have bet the farm that it had been a perfect shot?
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Tactics For The “Tiny Ten”

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 28, 2017
Every continent has its “small big game.” We have brockets, Asia has muntjacs and mouse deer, Europe has roebuck, and so forth, but no continent is so enriched as Africa with its profusion of pygmy antelopes...
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More Than 82,000 Deer Reported In Alabama’s First Year Of Game Check

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 27, 2017
Alabama’s first year of mandatory deer harvest reporting shows that more bucks are being harvested than does and more deer are harvested on private land versus public land. Out of...
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Shotgun Tips & Tricks - Consistency Is Key

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 26, 2017
The absolute most important element to becoming a good consistent wingshooter can be practiced at home and at the clays range before you go hunting...
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Two New Potential Top Ten Southeastern White-Tailed Deer

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 25, 2017
The Record Book Department would like to congratulate two hunters from Tennessee for harvesting two potential Top Ten Southeastern white-tailed deer during the 2016 fall...
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Zeiss: When Success Matters

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 24, 2017
There is something special about hunting in Europe. There is something even more special about hunting in Europe with both friends and colleagues...
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Swarovski’s X5i—A True Superscope

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 21, 2017
It’s not very often that a riflescope excites me, but Swarovski’s X5i really gets my heart beating quickly. For years, scope makers have experimented with packing all kinds of features into scopes that enhance them well beyond...
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by Randy Gibbs | Apr 20, 2017
A few days ago, I came upon an interesting claim in an internet shooting “magazine.” The writer proclaimed, with no qualification whatever, that the AR-15 is “the most popular rifle in American history.”...
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A Bowhunter’s High

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 19, 2017
I am a bowhunter – pure and simple. Over the past 35 years, I, along with my sons Jason and David, have almost exclusively pursued the white-tailed deer in Mississippi, Illinois and Kansas with a bow...
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Wyoming Game And Fish Super Tag Raffle Becomes A Lot More Super

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 18, 2017
With a Wyoming Super Tag license, winners experience one of the few ultimate hunting adventures in the West, but, in addition...
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Perfecting Zero

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 17, 2017
Is there an ideal range for zeroing-in a rifle? Of course there is, but it obviously depends on the cartridge in question. I mean, you don’t buy a .450 Marlin with the idea...
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Yamaha Volunteers Support San Bernardino National Forest

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 14, 2017
Yamaha Motor Corp., USA , employees returned to the San Bernardino NationalForest to volunteer their time in support of projects aiding...
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Arizona Game and Fish Commission Meets At SCI World Headquarters

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 13, 2017
SCI World Headquarters in Tucson recently hosted a meeting of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission in...
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PH Spotlight – Phillip du Plessis

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 12, 2017
Phillip du Plessis grew up on a ranch where he hunted, fished, and was an avid reader inspired by Capstick, Ruark, J.A. Hunter and...
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Bowhunting The Gray Ghost

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 11, 2017
In my hunting world, the biggest is not necessarily the best. A prime example is the way that hunting Coues deer with both rifle and, especially, archery equipment, has been a bit...
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A Lucky Day In Pakistan

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 10, 2017
There’s really no such thing as a “small” hunt in Pakistan. It’s a long way to travel, and once there, it’s a huge country with the various hunting areas...
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H-S Precision Unveils Tom Houghton Tribute Rifle

by Randy Gibbs | Apr 07, 2017
H-S Precision, announced a limited production rifle commemorating Tom Houghton Sr. A passionate benchrest competitor, Mr. Houghton set three world accuracy records using his own cut-rifled...
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