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Essential Edges

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 03, 2017
It is a fact that over time, things change and that evolution is generally coupled with performance enhancement. Primitive men used some form of chipped stone edged tool or similar material to both field dress...
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New Sunday Hunting Regulations — Outdoor Heritage Enhanced Law

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 02, 2017
The North Carolina General Assembly recently enacted legislation that enhances opportunities to hunt on Sundays. The legislation provides immediate changes for hunters
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SCI Members Add To Record Book

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 29, 2017
Here are some new SCI Record Book entries sent in by our members after successful hunts from around the globe. The SCI Record Book is a great way...
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Russia Bird Hunting-No Jet Lag

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 28, 2017
After attending many European SCI meetings in Italy and Slovakia, I was impressed with the value that European hunters put on the capercaillie hunt....
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Birchwood Casey Introduces Affordable Eye And Ear Protection For Shooters

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 27, 2017
The Birchwood Casey Krest24 Muffs and Vektor Glasses Combo Kit offers reliable eye and ear protection for shooters at an affordable price.
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2017 Edition Of "Hunt Arizona" Now Available Online

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 26, 2017
The 2017 edition of “Hunt Arizona,” the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s yearly compilation of big and small game hunting statistics, is now available online at...
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Pearls Of Uganda

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 25, 2017
Storm clouds built up over the distant treeline, thunder and lightning getting closer until the first fat raindrops fell. It was early afternoon. Few sounds are more soothing than soft rain on...
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Sherry Steele Details In Pen-And-Ink

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 22, 2017
Examine the details, colors, the expressions and movements of the animals that pen-and-ink artist Sherry Steele portrays, and it’s hard to...
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Getting Better at Incoming/Passing Birds

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 21, 2017
If you have taken to heart the practice drills we’ve covered on flushing or outgoing birds, then the jump to the incoming birds will not be that difficult. When doing clinics on incoming shots, we separate the incoming bird into two categories — passing or...
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GPO, USA Introduces Passion ED Binocular Line

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 20, 2017
GPO, USA, the industry’s newest premium optics company, introduces the PASSION ED binocular portfolio. This product is German designed and engineered, combining quality, features, price and value for the benefit...
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Researchers Studying Bighorn Lamb Deaths

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 19, 2017
Disease issues have once again struck bighorn sheep lambs in northwestern Nebraska’s Pine Ridge, but a comprehensive research project is on track to counter the maladies...
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Carnero de las Nieves de Kamchatka

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 18, 2017
Desde hacía muchos años quería hacer este viaje de caza y más aún cuando el año pasado cazando los tures en el Cáucaso, compartí campamento con Dieter que en el 2014 tuvo el...
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U.S. Government Orders Expansion Of Hunter Access To Federal Lands

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 15, 2017
In a ground-breaking move, U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke issued an order today that directs the overseers of millions of acres of Federal lands to come up with plans to expand access for hunters and fishermen.
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The Guns of SCI

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 15, 2017
Join us at SCI's Annual Hunters' Convention as we auction a truly extraordinary collection...
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Become A Better Marksman — Shoot A Flintlock

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 14, 2017
teve Comus, Director of Publications and Editor In Chief of SAFARI Magazine. Steve suggested all shooters, both hunters and target shooters, could benefit by learning...
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U.S. Rep. Gosar Leads U.S. House Committee Passage Of Bi-Partisan Grand Canyon Bison Management Act

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 13, 2017
The U.S. House Natural Resources Committee approved a bi-partisan bill that will allow the Arizona Game and Fish Department to better manage and conserve the bison population within Grand Canyon National Park...
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September Is Tree Stand Safety Month

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 13, 2017
September is designated as Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month. September is the month that most hunters start heading back to the woods to cut trails and hang stands in...
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by Randy Gibbs | Sep 12, 2017
It was a bit after noon and I was settled in for what in all likelihood would be a several hour wait. Perhaps half an hour had gone by when I spotted movement about 300 yards away...
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Arizona Big Game Super Raffle Nets Record $673,600 For Wildlife

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 11, 2017
Arizona’s 12th annual Arizona Big Game Super Raffle included a total of 10 special big game tags, one for each of the state’s big game species – bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, pronghorn, bison, turkey, bear, javelina and mountain lion. The permit...
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SCI Members On The Ground In Houston

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 08, 2017
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