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The 45th Annual SCI Convention is coming in February. This year's convention promises to be bigger and better than ever! SCI President Larry Higgins offers a personal invitation!

VT Fish & Wildlife Initiates Moose Study

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 09, 2017
The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is initiating a multi-year study to better understand the state’s moose herd. Moose across the Northeast are increasingly...
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Mossberg Shines At Highland Hills

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 08, 2017
What happens when you take two new shotgun models by Mossberg to an upland bird hunting Mecca? The bag gets filled with pheasant, chukar, quail and Hungarian partridge; and there are a lot of crunched sporting clays targets along the way...
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Skull Hooker Trophy Tree

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 07, 2017
This sturdy and sleek floor display from , allows for complete customization and takes advantage of unused areas within...
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An SCI Story: An SCI Success

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 06, 2017
There are things about Safari Club International that set it above and apart from anything else on the planet. One glimpse of that dynamic...
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Magnum Research Introduces Combo Caliber Package for the Desert Eagle

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 03, 2017
Magnum Research recently introduced its DE44WB6 combo caliber package that lets handgun hunters swap between...
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UW-Stevens Point Selected As Location For 2017 Federal Duck Stamp Art Competition

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 02, 2017
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has selected the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point to host the 2017 Federal Duck Stamp Art Competition...
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The Cultural Divide

by Randy Gibbs | Mar 01, 2017
There are deer camps, and then there are deer camps. Before Christmas, I had the somewhat surreal experience of hunting whitetails from a camp in Kansas for five days and then, one day after returning home, boarding a plane for Germany to take part...
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Traveling With Firearms? Fill The Holes With Locks!

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 28, 2017
Traveling with sporting firearms isn’t getting easier. Part of that could be intentional, but part of the problem is that many ticket agents aren’t sure of the rules and sometimes the folks enforcing the rules, from TSA to Customs...
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Big Bullets for Big Bucks

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 27, 2017
What to use on that big buck hunt of a lifetime,
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Pack It Up – Pack It In– KUIU Icon Pro 3200

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 24, 2017
KUIU has built its company and reputation on providing hunters and outdoorsmen and women the most versatile and ergonomic clothing and equipment for the serious hunter. They’re the folks...
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PH Spotlight - Harpreet Brar

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 23, 2017
Motivated by his passion for wildlife, wild areas and conservation, Brar aspired to a career as a professional hunter. He was born and raised in east Africa and, at age 16, shot his first Cape buffalo in...
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Introduction To Muzzleloading Class Scheduled for Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 22, 2017
You can learn and practice safe shooting techniques for muzzleloading March 11, 2017 at Family Day at the Range. This course is for...
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Legendary Women’s Hunt At Legends Ranch

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 21, 2017
What happens when five women hunters, who were friends and knew each other before, go hunting at Legends Ranch in Michigan? Big whitetails are taken amid imminently enjoyable times in the woods. It all started at last year’s SCI Convention when...
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Home Cookin Hunter - Marinades on Parade

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 20, 2017
I always find myself standing in a grocery store aisle, gazing up at the massive wall of marinades, bewildered over which one to pick. I mean, let's be honest, picking out a new ...
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Federal’s New 62-Grain .223 Trophy Bonded Tip

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 17, 2017
In-house development is a continuum with one recent development being a .223-caliber, 62-grain Trophy Bonded Tipped bullet from Federal that’s loaded in the company’s .223 Rem. Premium Vital-Shok ammunition...
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Southwest Ohio Donates $3,500 To Combat Veterans For Duck And Goose Hunt

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 16, 2017
The SCI Southwest Ohio chapter donates $3,500 to the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation. The funds are for Purple Heart recipients to experience first class...
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ARX Technology Now Available For Muzzleloaders

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 15, 2017
Umarex ARX ammo incorporates patent-pending innovation that promises extreme hunting performance...
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The World’s Biggest (And Baddest) Pigs

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 14, 2017
Discovered: Giant, giant forest hogs! Compared to other African pigs—the warthog, bushpig, red river hog and Barbary wild boar—the giant forest hog is truly a giant...
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Multi-Species Safari In South Africa

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 13, 2017
I had been talking with Hans “Scruff” Vermaak for some time about a 60-inch kudu. This is akin to a 400-point elk, a 200-inch deer or an 11-foot brown bear—basically not much to ask?
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SCI Members Share Their Successful Hunts

by Randy Gibbs | Feb 10, 2017
SCI Members share the success of their hunts from around the world...
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