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The 45th Annual SCI Convention is coming in February. This year's convention promises to be bigger and better than ever! SCI President Larry Higgins offers a personal invitation!

A Tale Of Two Mausers

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 17, 2018
In the world of rifles there is perhaps no more iconic name than Mauser. Yes there’s Winchester, Remington, Holland & Holland, Rigby, and a few others than can arguably claim iconic status, but none have been more influential or more universal than this German company founded in 1871on the banks of the Neckar River in Oberndorf.
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A Revelation In Name And Practice

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 16, 2018
Tony Galazan has been a fixture at the Safari Club convention as far back as I can remember. Over the past 25 years, he and his company, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing (CSMC), have grown steadily in importance to the shooting industry.
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2017 Testing Shows No Evidence Of CWD In New Hampshire

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 15, 2018
New Hampshire’s white-tailed deer population once again showed no evidence of chronic wasting disease (CWD), based on monitoring data gathered during the 2017 hunting season.
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SCI Chapter 2019 Guns Of The Year

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 14, 2018
Two outstanding firearms, one a rifle and the other a shotgun, are available for chapters as the 2019 Guns of the Year.
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Wyoming Super Tag Draw Brings In Major Funding For Wildlife Management Programs

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 13, 2018
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) announced the raffle sales program brought in more than $900,000, exceeding last year’s take of over $820,000.
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SCI Members Share Their Hunter Pride!

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 10, 2018
Once again SCI members are sharing their successful hunts from all over the globe.
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Missouri Expands Deer Feeding Ban

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 09, 2018
The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has expanded its restrictions on feeding deer and placing minerals for deer to seven new counties in response to finding cases of chronic wasting disease (CWD)...
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The Yukon

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 08, 2018
Going to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory from Tennessee is not for the weak of heart. "You can't get there from here!" But, when you do, your body may leave, but your heart and mind will never be the same.
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Virginia Publishes New Hunting Regulations for 2018-2019 Season

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 07, 2018
DGIF urges hunters and fishermen to review the regulations closely to make sure they are up to date on the newest regulations, which include:
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The Hidden War – Fighting For America’s Wildlife

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 06, 2018
As team leader for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Special Operations Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) Nores has literally been on the front lines in the fight to stop international drug trafficking organizations from destroying the wildlife, wetlands and waterways throughout the U.S.
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World Heritage Rifle Series: The Americas

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 03, 2018
It seems like just yesterday that my father, John Bolliger Sr., and I were discussing the possibilities of a new rifle project with Safari Club International.
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5.11 Tactical Apparel – Ready For Anything

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 02, 2018
If you are looking for pants that can take you from the office to the backcountry on the same day (and during hunting season around here that happens a lot!) then the 5.11 Apex Pant and the Stryke Pant are just what you’ve been looking for.
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Hunt Doctor - Close Call In The Canadian Rockies

by Randy Gibbs | Aug 01, 2018
Global Rescue member Steven Huskey was on a hunting trip to the Canadian Rockies when suddenly things went very, very wrong.
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BLM Land Exchange Good For Big Game Hunting In Utah

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 31, 2018
The Bureau of Land Management released a Notice of Decision for the exchange of public and private land in Tooele County, Utah.
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Women of SCI Events

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 31, 2018
Women of SCI is an informal group whose mission is Making Connections. It does that by planning and hosting events for women at the Safari Club International Convention and at other venues during the year. There is no membership required to participate in Women of SCI events.
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Rigby Offers A New Sound Moderator For Highland Stalker

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 30, 2018
Adding stealth to the Highland Stalker rifle, London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has partnered with top British engineering firm, Barton GunWorks to develop a bespoke sound moderator befitting their award-winning rifle. Moderators not only significantly minimizes sound but also reduce recoil.
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The Company of Adventurers - An Armchair Safari with John Boyes

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 27, 2018
The self-proclaimed King of the Wa Kikuyu operated in one of the wildest and least explored parts of Africa. Today, Africa is no longer dark – mainly because men like Boyes undertook adventures that were almost incredible, especially to those of us reading his stories.
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Getting Ready For A High Volume Hunt

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 26, 2018
You have a high-volume hunt to Argentina or Bolivia planned, have put a deposit down and are beginning to think about some things you want to take when it hits you. You will be shooting perhaps more than you have ever shot before, and you really should maybe practice a little before you go.
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SCI Texas Hill Country Chapter Supports Local Charities

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 25, 2018
The Texas Hill Country Chapter (THCC) continues its decade-long contributions to local charities to further SCI’s missions
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The Krieghoff K-20 Parcours

by Randy Gibbs | Jul 24, 2018
Take the K-20 Parcours into the field and with you come the five generations of fine gunmaking.
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