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The 45th Annual SCI Convention is coming in February. This year's convention promises to be bigger and better than ever! SCI President Larry Higgins offers a personal invitation!

Space for Art - Tips for Collectors who are Running out of Room

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 20, 2017
For serious collectors, not much comes between them and a piece of art that summons their affections.
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Southwest Ohio Sensory Safari Spends The Day With The Visually Impaired

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 19, 2017
A dozen club volunteers turn out to help eight blind and visually impaired children and ten blind and visually impaired adults interact with...
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Big Aussie Buffaloes!

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 18, 2017
Greg Pennicott’s buffalo concession in Australia’s vast Northern Territories encompasses, literally, millions of acres, from eucalyptus forest to floodplain to coastline. Water buffaloes like the open floodplains with plenty of mud holes.
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A DIY Gould’s Turkey Bowhunt in Old Mexico

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 17, 2017
When I started bowhunting turkeys 20-some years ago – and after scads of abject failure –a seasoned gobbler getter gave me some sage advice.
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SCI Members Share Their Memories of Convention

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 16, 2017
SCI Members share what draws them to Convention every year.
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The Hunts of SCI 2018

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 13, 2017
One of the best parts of the annual SCI Convention is all of the great hunts available at the auctions.
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Best of the .30s

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 12, 2017
SCI Convention Seminars!
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New Spirit Blind By Ameristep

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 11, 2017
The engineers at Ameristep have a habit of not leaving well enough alone. Their design for the most recent entry into the ground blind product line reflects some of the best ideas of the old with new technologies and materials to create a whole new product.
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Conservation Partnership

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 10, 2017
Cabela’s is a great partner with SCI and continues strengthening its partnerships with local wildlife groups. On July 22, 2017, at the Huntsville, Alabama Cabela’s store, there was a meeting of conservation organizations in the state and Southeast, including the...
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The Hunt of A Lifetime

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 09, 2017
When I was little, I never thought I would make it to New Zealand. Of all the places I had ever wanted to go, it was the one place I most wanted to visit because it holds some of the...
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Sport In Somaliland - An Armchair Safari with Count Joseph Potocki

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 06, 2017
A wealthy Polish hunter, Potocki spared no expense on producing his book and hunting in Somaliland. It garnered such attention that the noted Rowland Ward produced a very limited...
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Zeiss’ New V6 Goes Short Or Long

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 05, 2017
What constitutes a long shot is not only subjective, but also regional. Where I grew up back East, we stalked cedar thickets trying to...
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Pennsylvania Game Commission Announces Updated CWD Response

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 04, 2017
The Pennsylvania Game Commission recently announced regulation changes to address the increasing threat that chronic wasting disease (CWD) presents to the state’s...
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Essential Edges

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 03, 2017
It is a fact that over time, things change and that evolution is generally coupled with performance enhancement. Primitive men used some form of chipped stone edged tool or similar material to both field dress...
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New Sunday Hunting Regulations — Outdoor Heritage Enhanced Law

by Randy Gibbs | Oct 02, 2017
The North Carolina General Assembly recently enacted legislation that enhances opportunities to hunt on Sundays. The legislation provides immediate changes for hunters
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SCI Members Add To Record Book

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 29, 2017
Here are some new SCI Record Book entries sent in by our members after successful hunts from around the globe. The SCI Record Book is a great way...
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Russia Bird Hunting-No Jet Lag

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 28, 2017
After attending many European SCI meetings in Italy and Slovakia, I was impressed with the value that European hunters put on the capercaillie hunt....
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Birchwood Casey Introduces Affordable Eye And Ear Protection For Shooters

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 27, 2017
The Birchwood Casey Krest24 Muffs and Vektor Glasses Combo Kit offers reliable eye and ear protection for shooters at an affordable price.
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2017 Edition Of "Hunt Arizona" Now Available Online

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 26, 2017
The 2017 edition of “Hunt Arizona,” the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s yearly compilation of big and small game hunting statistics, is now available online at...
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Pearls Of Uganda

by Randy Gibbs | Sep 25, 2017
Storm clouds built up over the distant treeline, thunder and lightning getting closer until the first fat raindrops fell. It was early afternoon. Few sounds are more soothing than soft rain on...
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