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The 45th Annual SCI Convention is coming in February. This year's convention promises to be bigger and better than ever! SCI President Larry Higgins offers a personal invitation!

Famous Big Game Hunters - Iconic Firearms From Holt's Auctioneers

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 22, 2017
From the mid-19th century, big game hunting took a leap in popularity. The availability of long distance travel suddenly made trips to exotic lands such as Africa and America a lot more feasible for those who could afford it.
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Student Yearbook Nixes Photo Of Hunter With Gun

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 21, 2017
Bonny Eagle High School in Standish, ME is refusing to allow student Wade Gelinas to include his photo in the school yearbook because it shows him in the woods carrying a shotgun.
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Great Hunting In Italy!

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 20, 2017
Thanks to centuries of hunting tradition and good wildlife management, the European continent offers some of the world’s most successful and enjoyable hunting. It’s among relatively few regions of the world where hunting is easily combined with a bit of sightseeing and even vacationing.
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Shotgun Tips & Tricks - Improving Consistency on Ducks and Pigeons

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 19, 2017
The passing shot is the most difficult shot because the gun must be farther in front of the target than the flushing shot. Perhaps the birds that hunters have the most experience with are doves or ducks.
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Rob Neilson Receives SCI Houston’s First Ashby Bowhunting Award

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 18, 2017
SCI Houston recently held its annual fundraising banquet and enthusiastically announced the first Ashby Bowhunting Award recipient, Rob Neilson from Cypress, Texas. The newly minted award was created by Aaron Schulte of Schulte Bronzes.
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SCI Members Document Successful Hunts

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 15, 2017
SCI Members are recording their successful hunts from all over the globe with the help of the SCI Online Record Book.
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Auction Hunt - A Long Wait Ended

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 14, 2017
Have you ever had a long-standing desire to turn dream into reality only you do not really know the path to get there? This is one member's story.
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Wyoming Hunters Asked To Help With Brucellosis Monitoring

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 13, 2017
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department continues monitoring brucellosis in Wyoming’s elk and bison and is asking hunters once again to help. Brucellosis is an infectious disease of elk and bison.
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SCI London - A Promising Start For Our Newest Chapter

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 12, 2017
SCI London's inaugural meeting at Holland and Holland Shooting ground on Thursday 23 November was a great success. With over 50 guests, mostly SCI members, UK hunters and supporters of the newly re-formed London Chapter in attendance.
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SCI Supports President Trump’s Monuments Decision

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 11, 2017
Safari Club International has thrown its support behind the recent decision by President Trump and Secretary Zinke to protect access to public lands in Utah, following a review of 27 National Monuments. The President announced on Tuesday that he would reduce the size of Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments in Utah.
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Sport On The Blue Nile - An Armchair Safari with Isaac Johnson

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 08, 2017
Our route lay along the river until we came to a dense forest, with undergrowth of thorn bushes. Through this jungle we passed by forcing our way. Axes were used and thorn branches were held back by two men, while the horse and loaded donkeys passed with extreme difficulty. On emerging from this forest we crossed a bend of the river and entered...
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Luck of the Draw

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 07, 2017
As luck would have it, when the 2014 Nevada hunting tags were released, I found myself with tags for a California bighorn and a desert bighorn. The odds of that occurring are about the same as my being named homecoming queen at Stanford.
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SCI Seminars - Hunter Survival

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 06, 2017
Darrell Holland brings valuable skills to the table providing you with information to survive almost any situation in the great outdoors.
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PH Spotlight - Jaco Oosthuizen

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 05, 2017
Oosthuizen was destined to carry on the family tradition a of big game hunters dating back to his great grandfather. He grew up on a cattle ranch in northern Namibia where his father mentored him as he learned and mastered his hunting skills. Oosthuizen began studying law, but his love for wildlife and adventure motivated him to become a professional hunter.
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Glassing the Dead Field of View

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 04, 2017
Attaching a binocular to a tripod to glass for game is almost ubiquitous in the Southwest today, but back when Bill Hardy was in his youth hunting Coues deer and sheep around Tucson, AZ, the concept just wasn’t on a hunter’s radar.
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5.11 Boots - Trail Ready Tactical

by Randy Gibbs | Dec 01, 2017
Napoleon is credited with the quote, “An army marches on its stomach.” While the sentiment is true enough, anyone who has spent quality time in boot camp will tell you that when it comes right down to it, any military group marches on its feet, and if their feet are tired, hot, sore or otherwise causing pain, you have a whole lot of cranky, heavily armed people. Never a good combination.
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Stone River Knives

by Randy Gibbs | Nov 30, 2017
Many times harder than conventional steel blades, the new zirconium oxide blades used by Stone River Knives are so durable that they rarely ever need sharpening.
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Southwest Ohio Chapter Donates Night Vision To Wardens

by Randy Gibbs | Nov 29, 2017
The Southwest Ohio Chapter of Safari Club International recently presented two sets of night vision devices to local game wardens at its monthly membership meeting.
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World Heritage Rifle Nears Debut

by Randy Gibbs | Nov 28, 2017
After months of planning, designing, prototyping, machining and crafting, the Ryan Breeding World Heritage Rifle honoring Oceania is coming together in Idaho.
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When Elk Go Away

by Randy Gibbs | Nov 27, 2017
Had we climbed faster, we’d have beaten daylight to the basin head. We’d also have missed the elk. A storm, brooding all night in the Madison Range, met us mid-ascent. Dishwater skies wept globs of snow big as marbles.
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