From Charging Buffalo To Long Range With A Zeiss Conquest V6

The new Zeiss Conquest V6 line of riflescopes have features for everything from hunting dangerous game up close and personal to ethical long range shots.

TuffPak Torture Test

Traveling with firearms can be a challenge. TuffPak offers a case that doesn't telegraph that your firearms are inside, but how tough is it? We received one for testing and put it to the ultimate test.

Big Bullets for Big Bucks

When it comes to a hunt of a lifetime, Donald Hill from Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch in Bland, MO, gives his take on what cartridges and bullets for big, mature whitetail bucks.

Tips For Growing Big Bucks

Donald Hill from Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch shares some of his secrets for growing really big whitetail bucks.

Oak Creek's Monster Whitetail Bucks

Donald Hill from Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch in Bland, MO, tells us about hunting monster whitetail bucks both during and before the rut.

SCI President Larry Higgins Extends Personal Invitation

The 45th Annual SCI Convention is coming in February. This year's convention promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Savage Lightweight Hunter

We take Savage's Lightweight Hunter chambered in .223 Rem. to Namibia to hunt small antelope and predators using the new Federal Trophy Bonded Tip bullet.

Bushnell's New Legend M Series Binocular On Safari

We take the new Bushnell Legend M Series binocular on safari in Namibia. The 10x magnification helped us pick out all kinds of game in the rugged terrain.

Tracking Wildebeest in Namibia
Watching trackers in Africa while hunting is something to behold. It's positively amazing how they can sort out one track from so many, and move on it so quickly. Here, we follow the track of a large male wildebeest that is injured.

Hunting springbok in Namibia - Springbok are plentiful and great table fare. Join us with Jamy Traut Safaris in Namibia as we hunt and stalk springbok through the red dunes.
Hunter Training at Gunsite
Many people are aware of the law enforcement and tactical training that Gunsite Academy is known for...but they also cater to hunters seeking to hone their skills. In this video, Gunsite instructor Il Ling New discusses some of the skills and features of this interesting course.
SCI Interviews Sculptor Mike Barlow
Mike Barlow is one of the country's premier wildlife sculptors. His bronzes evoke the power of the predator/prey dynamic and are highly sought after by hunters and collectors all over the world. Here he discusses his love of the outdoors and his inspiration for his powerful pieces.
An Interview with Laurel Barbieri
Laurel Barbieri has made a name for herself as a modern cave artist, drawing on the ancient cave paintings and pictographs found in the remote corners of the world. Here she discusses her inspiration for her art and the importance of SCI and what it means to the art community.

SCI Interviews John Banovich

Wildlife artist John Banovich should be familiar to anyone who has seen a Safari Magazine cover or followed the art auctions at the annual SCI Conventions. His powerful images of "big things with big teeth" are highly sought after by collectors from around the world. Here he describes his affinity for Safari Club International and the importance of science based wildlife management.

Opening Ceremonies for 2016 SCI Annual Convention
Taya Kyle and SCI President Larry Higgins cut the ribbon to open the 2016 Convention.
SCI Convention 2016 Move In Day
President Larry Higgins previews the excitement of the 2016 SCI Convention.

Invitation from SCI President Larry Higgins

SCI President Larry Higgins invites you to join him in Las Vegas for the 2016 SCI Convention and Ultimate Hunters' Market.

New from Zeiss for 2016
Take a look at some of the innovations Zeiss is bringing for 2016!

Traditional German Driven Game Hunt

Join SCI for a behind the scenes look at a German Driven Game hunt.

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