Good day to all of our SCI Measurers worldwide. I hope you were able to attend the SCI 2018 Convention in Vegas and if you did not get a chance to attend I hope we can see you in Reno for next year’s Convention. I had a chance to meet some of you at this year’s convention and was honored to be able to meet in person. We held a Master and Official Measuring Seminar at this year’s convention. Thank you for attending and participating in the seminars and I look forward to working with all of you as we move forward with our mission in Record Book to document our hunting heritage.

We will be conducting an Official and Master Measuring seminar in French Lick Indiana for the NADEFA (North American Deer Farmers Association) Convention on March 21 as well as an Official Measuring Seminar at the Whitetails of Louisiana Expo on April 27 in Lafayette Louisiana. If you know of anyone who is interested in becoming an Official Measurer or would like to become a Master Measurer and can attend any of the upcoming Seminars please register through this link, In addition, we have posted several new forms online along with the updated manual and appropriate Affidavits. Here is the link to access these forms and affidavits,

Here’s a tip or to all of you and will try to do this at least once a quarter. There is an opportunity for us to become more accurate with Red Deer that may have webbing and multiple tines coming off the crown which may affect what we see and measure. One of the hardest things to judge on these Red Deer is how many tines go back to the beginning of the crown knowing not all tines will do so.

  • Determine beginning of crown (based on the main beam circumference at the point when it expands towards the top)
  • Use masking tape or similar to mark each tine on the crown and label the Main Beam tip so you know not to measure that as a tine
  • Examine what tines come back down to the start of the crown (remember: not all tines will come back to the beginning of the crown, only a couple may do so and in some extremely large Red Deer you may have an additional one or two that may come back down but not always)
  • Take your time

Until next time, I would like to Thank Each and Every One of You for all that you do as an SCI Measurer. Keep up the great work and welcome all of our new SCI Official and Master Measurers. Happy Hunting and Measuring!!!


November 29, 2017

Fellow Measurers, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and wish you the very best for the remainder of the year and into the New Year. Since our last message, we have uploaded the revised version of the Measurer's Manual for you to review and study. I will be sending an email to all Active Measurers with the information that was updated in the manual.

Although there were not too many changes made to the manual, the changes that were made were necessary. We have eliminated the 60 day dry period requirement for Turkeys, but still must have a Master Measurer Measurement if it falls in the overall Top 20. We have made some clarifications to deer circumferences and also were able to make some updates to the species Method Forms.

We now allow anonymous entries to be submitted into the record book with the hunter's permission; as well as removing the word "palmation" when referring to antlered game since only Moose, Fallow Deer, and Caribou refer to as having palmation and all other species we refer to as "webbing." 

Other clarifications were made such as shotgun method for Crocodilian (please read page 39 of the manual), adding a free range statement to our "estate" definition, updating contact information for SCI Record Book, fair chase definition and requirements, and adding the RB logo watermark to the method forms to name a few. Below is the link to view the updated manual and also to view the method forms. 

Method Forms -

Measurer's Manual Revised October 2017 -


August 22, 2017

Measurer Manual updates include changes to the entry forms which we have discussed previously. On the entry forms the changes you will see are the emphasis on the Anti Poaching and Wildlife Conservation donation line being more of a focus. Also, the 1st Entry Free option has returned for those submitting an entry into the record book for the first time. The other change is replacing "award" with "plaque" to emphasis and even clarify what type of award to select for honoring your hunting heritage. We are hoping to clear up confusion that it may have caused in the past.

In addition, on Methods 10, 11, and 13 for animals that require 4 quarter circumference measurements such as Walrus Tusks, Pronghorn, and Wild Sheep to name a few, we have added boxes to record your measurements right on the form. This is just another simple update that may help when having to record where each 1/4 lies based on the length of the longest horn or tusk on the animal you are measuring.

Finally, for antlered game animals we will be adding an additional box selection on the form that must be selected and will help us with certification of those animals that fall into this category. A check box with a caption stating that 3 or more different photos are included in the entry form so that we are able to see all tines clearly and identify them as typical or non-typical for the sake of scoring. This update helps us and the committee to determine the appropriate label of an animal when we are trying to determine if a tine falls into the typical or non-typical category.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to call into the Record Book and we can help answer them for you.


August 21, 2017

I want to take a moment to thank you for the positive responses and feedback I received for the recent letter that was sent out on Friday to all of our SCI Measurers. Your input is highly valued and we are beginning to see an increase in communication from measurers worldwide and I am hoping that these lines of communication only continue to grow.

Next week (Aug 29-30) I will be in Berlin, Ohio conducting my second seminar overall and looking forward to meeting more of our SCI measurers and potential new measurers in person. If any of you are in the area or know anyone that would like to become an SCI Official Measurer please have them reach out to me to sign up for this next seminar.

Our updated measurers manual is near completion and we are looking to roll it out shortly. We do not like to give timetables as we all know how that can go sometimes but it is getting a final update and I have been given approval to publish once this update is completed. So we are extremely close.......


July 17, 2017

The most current SCI entry scoring forms have been uploaded to the website
Please make sure you are using the updated forms for scoring going forward. You will notice we have brought back the first entry fee to new members and an anti-poaching/wildlife conservation donation line. Thank you as always for your hard work and commitment to making SCI First for Hunters Worldwide.


Updated 6/29/2017

Promotion ended 6/26/2017. Fellow Measurers don't forget to inform others of our most recent promotion for measuring kits and the online course. This just runs for a few more days then it will return to the regular price ($150). The special is $75.00 for the kits and $45 for the online course for a total of $120.00 (USD). I also wanted to let you know I will be in Mankato, MN July 27-28 for a measuring seminar in case you are in the area or nearby to visit at the North American Elk Breeders Association Convention. In addition, if you know of anyone who would like to sign up for the course please have them reach out to me to sign up and for payment. Keep documenting our heritage and honor them with a plaque and/or bronze.


Memorial Day Measuring Kit and Course Promotion - We are currently running a promotion that began today offering our measuring kits for $75.00 and $5 discount to take the online measuring course. So for a total of $120.00 one can become an Official SCI Measurer for a limited time only. This does not include an SCI membership, which is only $35 for new members. If you know of someone who wants to be a measurer or you feel there is someone you know that would make a great measurer for SCI then please let them know of this promo. Thank you Measurers for all of your hard work and commitment. Keep the records coming!!!


Update 6/29/2017

Currently, we have discontinued updates for the score and store program we had used the past couple of years. We are beginning the process to improve our record book software and our plan is to provide measurers with a  scoring program in the final product.. In case you receive any questions regarding the Score and Store CD please advise of our current status. As of now we do not have an eta for when this will be in place. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions please contact us directly by phone or email while checking up on this Corner for any updates.


Upcoming measuring seminar in Mankato, MN July 27th from 8:00am-12:30pm at the NAEBA Convention. If you know of anyone in the area who would like to become an SCI Official Measurer please have them contact me to sign up. We are including membership fee in the price of the seminar ($150.00) for any new members to SCI. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming seminar announcements.

Hello SCI Measurers, my name is Gilbert Aguilar and I am the new Measuring Coordinator for SCI. We wanted to create a forum for Measurers to stay updated with any changes or news that pertain specifically to our roles. This forum will be updated regularly with news and updates in relation to SCI Measuring which may include seminars, conventions, potential records, or even members looking for a Master Measurer. I also would like to include some of your experiences and feedback so we can publish those as well. For now, this is just the beginning of a new chapter and embrace it we shall. The experience you have will be beneficial in finding more ways to grow our Measuring Program and continue raising the bar for our industry. Since March 1st of this year we have added over 30 new measurers and we continue to add more each week. I look forward to meeting all of you someday and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with each and every one of you. Let's keep the Records coming.

Contact info:
520-620-1220 ext.225
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